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Macgyver Services has been in service since 2008 specializing in lawn care maintenance. A well maintained lawn is an attractive presence in your neighborhood. Macgyver services is committed to offering professinal services each and every time your lawn is mowed with us. Attention to detail is key to leave your lawn in the best cut and cleanliness we can achive.

Whatever your need is from lawn services, fence repair, or assistance with a project, Macgyver Services can help. You get friendly fast service and honest quotes for the job you need performed.

Email or call today for a consultation and price estimate regarding your lawn care or domestic needs. our number is 682-557-4326 or email us

Do you need wild brush removed? Limbs hanging too low around your property? Have the birds and squirrels planted new growth that got out of hand? Call us we can help clear out and neaten up the appearance of your front or back yard.

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Status: Mowing as needed weather permitting, no kept schedules at this time and no fertilizing.

Status:Periodic Mowings

No kept scheduling due to Covid 19

We Do Not Accept Payments ever through Zelle or

any other payment App. No credit/debit cards either.

Only accept check, money order, cash, or online banking checks.

For online banking customers you're last name is you're account #.


Tell a friend about us! Dependable, pro performance, and affordable.

If your considering switching from your current lawn service consider Macgyver Services for the 2021 mowing season. We have the knowledge and expertise to bring your lawn back to the health it deserves. (restrictions apply, call for details)

We Plant grass!

Our approach to new grass

  • Till and remove old soil and grass
  • Replace with new soil, fertilize area
  • Plant Raleigh St. Augustine pads

Care Instructions:

  1. Water each zone 1st for about an hour on first day
  2. Water 4 times a week 20 minutes each zone
  3. After 4th week water only 3 times a week 20 minutes each zone
  4. Water only between the hours of 5am - 9am

Over-watering your lawn not only makes for a higher water bill but can also lead to fungal disease. It is better not to water than to water wrong. How do you know when your using the right amount of water?

Take a tuna can and place in next to your sprinkler when you water. When the can is full your lawn has enough water. The tuna can represents the depth of one soaking inch of water necessary to have a healthy watered lawn. Neat thing about this is you only have to water twice a week this way. If the summer gets hotter you may have to water once more during the week when temperatures reach in the triple digits. Only water in the early mornings from 2am - 5am. Top of Page

Raliegh St. Augustine Grass

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